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Training / Workshops RYT 300 Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training (Advance Level)

Basically, 300 hour Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training is an advanced course for those who want to incorporate detailed and subtle yogic techniques and enhancing the depth of yoga practice.

RYT 300 Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training (Advance Level) | Yin Mindfulness Immersion Training / Workshops

It is a natural flow in the process of learning and teaching yoga and meditation. This intensive course helps you to deepen your existing knowledge in the subject, that includes technical training, advance asanas and mindfulness practice. A great deal of attention will be given to technical aspects, sequencing, and structural components for a Yin-Yang Flow class. This gives you an opportunity to enhance your teaching skills and awareness techniques.

Moreover, the course will focus more on theory of Mindfulness. The students will gain in-depth knowledge of meditation practices, structural anatomy, and have opportunity to teach and assist with verbal and physical adjustments during the asana classes. In summary, this training is not just about receiving more information but also about experiencing through practice.


In the 300-hour training, we cover:

  • An exploration of structural alignment and assessment of our bodies
  • An overview of relevant anatomy and pathology
  • Advanced yoga asana sequences- remedially applied
  • Meditation and Mindfulness teaching


Deepening your Meditation practice

Meditation teaching forms an integral aspect of the 300-hour advance training. Here we deepen and broaden our knowledge of working directly with the mind. As the practice is essentially a contemplative yoga, the skills we acquire from meditation aim also to translate into and transform our yoga. We learn how to teach and communicate four key practices: