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Training / Workshops RYT 200 Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training (Foundations Level)

The 200-hour training forms the heart of the Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training Program and we establish a steady rhythm of study, classes, practice and rest over the course of the 4-weeks.

RYT 200 Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training (Foundations Level) | Yin Mindfulness Immersion Training / Workshops

The Foundation course is designed to establish any serious practitioner and teacher in the mindfulness principles and practices of meditation, Hatha yoga and study of some key Mindful teachings.

The course unfolds in three phases:
The first and second week, establishing students in their meditation, pranayama and Hatha Yoga practice, Third week, we explore the key teaching around loving-kindness (metta) and develop teaching skills in the posture work. Forth, exploring teachings around Mindfulness (Sati-patthana) and refine our teaching skills.

You will gain a working knowledge of :

  • How to teach a comprehensive range of yoga postures emphasizing dynamic mobilizing and strengthening posture work.
  • How to asses and analyse postures – the benefits, risks and key teaching and practice points.
  • Teaching and incorporating Restorative and Yin Yoga into your classes.
  • Class sequencing – the principle of “ Hatha Yoga”
  • Structural alignment – how to assess your students bodies.
  • Anatomy and physiology and how an intelligent anatomy influences how to teach poses to unique and individual bodies.
  • Kriya, breath-work (pranayama)
  • Explore various teaching methods and settings
  • How to apply Mindfulness to yoga practice
  • Develop and teach basic mindfulness meditation
  • Studies of key of Mindfulness and Loving-kindness (Metta)
  • Setting up as a teacher.